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My name is Michał and I’m mobile developer based in Kraków, Poland. For the last 3 years I’ve been involved in a number of projects for Polish and international clients. I created several Android applications that you can find in My Works.

I worked both on single-person projects as well as in developers’ team. I highly value quality - my code is clean and crash free.

I’m open to B2B and international collaboration. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or projects proposals.

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My Works

Android applications I'm proud of

Social Bicycles 2.0

Social Bicycles

As an Android developer I prepared a mobile application for Social Bicycles.

Through the application, the user can rent city bikes at one of a dozen networks in the world. The application enables a preview of the available bikes (and stations), bike reservation, tracking its current position, reviewing the current and past routes or registration in the system.

The entire system is one of the most modern and innovative ones in the world. All bikes are equipped with GPS and are connected to a network which makes it possible to communicate with the application in real time.

"It is great when friends are in town so I just have to press a button to book a bike"

"The new version of the app is much better, thanks guys!"

Woodstock Festival Poland 2014


I co-worked on the official application prepared for one of the largest music festivals in Poland (Woodstock Festival 2014).

The main features of the app include:
- Presentation of all current events
- Possibility of adding selected events to favourites
- Map of the festival

Additionally, during the festival, the user was notified about the most important information via push notifications. Also, a special alert informed the user about the concerts selected earlier.

A unique feature of the app was the specially designed festival game, whose winners received prizes.

"The app is really nice. Everything is described very well"

"Everything worked perfectly :)"

Biała Gwiazda


As an Android Developer I prepared an application for the Wisła Kraków sports club.

It enables to view information about the team which is available on the official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – everything is gathered in one place. Additionally, it notifies the users about the upcoming and the completed games as well as the team formations.

The app also features a photo and video gallery, a table with results and schedule, game statistics or guidelines on how to access to the stadium.

It is also worth to note the live newsfeed (including push notifications) and the possibility of taking a photo which can then be edited using club videos and filters. Such photos may be shared with friends.

"A highly innovative app. Now I can keep up to date with my favourite club"

"Finally something I’ve been waiting for months!"

"One of the best apps I’ve seen. Great concept and vision."



In 2014 I prepared FitWell for Android.

Its main goal is to act like a personal fitness trainer.

This is executed through displaying personalised information, i.e.:
- Physical exercises
- Diet (adjusted to the current weight and set goals)
- Guidelines relating to healthy lifestyle.

After collecting the necessary data about the user, the application suggests the recommended number of steps to be taken within a day as well as the number of calories and glasses of water necessary for proper functioning.

It is worth to mention such features as the timeline which describes user activity, push notifications with guidelines (sent at an appropriate time of day), activeness diagrams and step counter.



In 2013, I co-created an application for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and the Play operator.

It is mainly used to provide news from the foundation, to extend the knowledge about the same (in the form of an educational game) and to present the current events on a map.

Additionally, you can support the charity by sending a special text message and check the current statistics.

"Great app! Looks good, it’s transparent and works without any problems :)"

"I wouldn’t add anything. Everything’s great!"

PokerLoans Pro


PokerLoans is a user friendly app to keep track of loans and debts given on the poker table or elsewhere.

Main features:
- Multi currency support with separate totals for each currency
- History of all transactions (including deleted transactions)
- Export all data or single persons data
- Automatically sends email with transaction detail and balance of the account to the loaner or borrower
- Setup reminders to remind you of a loan or debt Color coded entries for ease of view

Stock Market

Flow Code

The application was fully designed and implemented by me.

Its main feature is the display of stock listings from various markets. The user can define the observed values and quickly access them.

Additionally, it enables a preview of complex schemes, access to the news from a number of countries, defining a portfolio of the owned stocks or using a currency converter.

This app does everything I want.

So far I think this is brilliant. Just what I have been looking for. I can manage all my stock in one app. Good UK share news. So many features!

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I'm open to B2B and international collaboration.
If you have any question, freelance job, project or contract feel free to contact.